Luton Airport Parking: Services, Pricing, Comparison

Luton Airport Parking Prices

2018-03-06 Posted in Airport Parking, Train Station

Luton Airport Parking – why costly?

Being the fifth busiest airport in the UK, London Luton Airport (LLA) is one of the crowded airports with passengers and aircraft movements. But what really worries the travellers find a good and affordable parking Luton Airport because it’s as well jam-packed with cars most of the times. London Luton Airport has perfect types of parking that cover all parking needs.

Pre-book with Easy Airport Parking and save time and money at the same time. With us, you can get to park car at Luton Airport at £20 per day with maximum safety and security.

Luton Airport Parking – Services

Where is Luton Airport parking?

Luton Airport Parking is located in surrounding of the terminal:

Each of the aforementioned Luton Airport Parking types differs one another in terms of pricing and amenities. You can select and book any Luton Airport parking type in advance with Easy Airport Parking.

What is the price of Luton Airport Parking?

Below are estimations of Luton Airport Parking price:

Type of Parking Normal Parking Easy Airport Parking


Luton Airport Short-term Parking

£36 £30 £6

Luton Airport Mid-term Parking

£30 £27 £3

Luton Airport Long-term Parking

£27 £21


Luton Airport Priority Parking* £16.5 £11


Luton Airport Multi-Storey Parking £55 £40


Luton Airport priority parking is also known as Luton Airport Meet & Greet Parking. The aforementioned prices are from December 2017 onwards. Easy Airport Parking calculates parking fare based on the type of service used and duration of parking.

Luton Airport Parking – Compare & Save up to 65%

There are plenty of car parking services available at Luton Airport but not everyone is cost-effective and that’s exactly where Easy Airport Parking comes. We provide safest, reliable, and low-cost Airport parking Luton with secure online and phone booking.

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