Luton Railway Station – History, Facts, and Information

Luton Railway Station

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Luton Railway Station History:

The history of Railway Station in Luton was first highlighted in the year 1868 when the Midland Railway in Luton decided to expand their operations and named the station as ‘Luton Midland Road Station’. Railway Station Luton is quite near to Arndale Shopping Centre (now The Mall Luton), there are famous restaurants and shops where you can stroll around for fun.

Hundreds of people travel to and from Luton Railway station every 30 minutes.

How many stations are there in Luton?

Presently, there are two railway stations in Luton: Luton Train Station and Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station (near Luton Airport)

Is there any train station near Luton?

Apart from having two train stations in Luton, there’s only one train station that is near Luton, Leagrave Train Station LU4 9BA, it is one of the closest train stations in Luton

Facts About Luton Railway Station:

Luton Train Station was first named as ‘Luton Bute Street Station’ ten years before its official establishment as Luton Railway Station

To and From Luton Railway Station:

Luton Railway Station has lived numerous ups and downs throughout the history and successfully managed to survive all the hurdles. Luton Railway Station LU1 2LT is operational 24 hours a day with trains to many towns such as St Albans, Sutton, Kettering, Leicester, Loughborough, and Nottingham, Wimbledon, London, Gatwick Airport, Brighton, and Luton Airport Parkway Station.

Is Luton Train Station near the airport?

Luton Airport Parkway Station is the nearest train station in Luton to London Luton Airport

Which Luton train station is for the airport?

Luton Airport Parkway Station is the train station for the airport

Where is Luton train Station?

Luton Train Station is located on Station Road, near The Mall Luton. Use LU1 2LT postcode to reach the station

Does Luton train station have barriers?

Yes, Luton train station has ticket barriers opened from 5:45 PM to 21:45 on weekdays

How far is Luton Airport from Luton Airport Parkway?

London Luton Airport (LLA) is 2 minutes away from Luton Airport Parkway Station

How far is Luton Airport from Luton Railway Station?

London Luton Airport (LLA) is 9 minutes (by car) away from Luton Railway Station

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