Snow in UK: Luton, Heathrow, Stansted, London City, and Gatwick Airport update flight schedules

Snow in UK Luton

2018-02-27 Posted in Airport Parking, Train Station

According to weather experts, heavy snow that has hit the north and southern region of the United Kingdom will cause disruption in daily routine, especially for locals linked to planes and vehicles.

The authorities have already warned the drivers and locals to take the precautionary measurement while driving because the entire upcoming week may bring unwanted cold and snow.

What experts are calling ‘Beast from the East’, may dismantle flight schedule around the UK because it would be difficult to take-off because the snow-turbulence jams the wings or.

Thanks to the local news channels, several flights were cancelled in-time, some were delayed while passengers stayed to hope for the weather to get better.

Snow in UK Luton

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British Airways cancelled 36 flights

Being the busiest airport in the UK, London Heathrow Airport was the first amongst other airports to cancel flights, according to the sources, 36 flights have been cancelled so far by British Airways which were supposed to leave from London Heathrow Airport.

Now the question is Can planes fly in such weather?

Weather theorists and engineers have come with two possible factors on which it is possible to fly in snowy or rough weather.

1)   Planes must be de-iced before take-off

2)   The Runway and ground must not have snow on it

Not only the wings but the ice directly impacts the fuselage of the plane and if that halts while taking off, the plane might get out of control.

Usually, the runways are made up of tarmac, that’s where the problem begins. If too much snow hit the tarmac and not cleared in time, the airports will have to close the entire airport because if there’s no flight taking then no passenger would be able to board.

Snow in UK Luton

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Airports in the UK are on high alert:

Snow in London Heathrow Airport during Snow: official statement has yet to come but Heathrow Airport cancelled flights with prior warning. However, British Airport has cancelled 36 flights due to heavy snow.

Snow in London Gatwick Airport: Gatwick Airport have warned the incoming passengers about the weather but so far, no news regarding flight cancellation has come from it.

Snow in London Luton Airport: Luton Airport has not released any press release regarding heavy snow.

Snow in London City Airport: LCY has also not released any official statement regarding heavy snow.

Snow in London Stansted Airport: Apart from the official statement, Stansted Airport has released a warning for passengers via twitter account which states that the passengers must check their flight schedule with respective airlines as snowy weather may affect the timing.

A taxi driver in Luton has complained that the heavy snow and plummeting temperature have declined customer rate and most of them are unable to leave house due to it.

As for now, there will be heavy snow in the upcoming week. It is better to take precaution before you leave, drive safe, avoid travelling from airports if they release official statements.